Sommerschließzeiten der Mediathek / Media library closed during holidays:

August 5 - August 30, 2019

Das Bewegungstraining findet nicht statt in der Zeit vom-bis / the movement training won't take place from-till:

July 15 - August 30, 2019

Oliver Pollak

Mime training in Copenhagen (based on the work of Jaques Lecoq), Paris (with Marcel Marceau) and most of all in London (École de mime corporel dramatique – Théâtre de l’Ange Fou), with a focus on mime corporel dramatique (Etienne-Decroux-Technique).

Focus of training
The training includes physical and mental relaxation and warming, exercises on flexibility, strength and tension, as well as articulation, expression and permeability of the body and the application of the practiced in improvisation and group play.