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Esther Geyer

Esther Geyer is a freelance artist and works as an actress, choreographer, speaker and as a dance and theatre pedagogue. She studied acting at the Academy of Drama in Sevilla, Spain, and at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium, where she graduated with a Master's degree. She is certified as a choreographer and dance teacher at the UdK Berlin-Career College and as a speaker at the Deutsche POP Akademie Berlin. She teaches and leads workshops in the areas of movement, dance, acting and voice.

Esther has been part of several productions in Spain, Germany and Belgium. She toured as moderator of Science Slams in Mexico in zahlreichen Produktionen in Spanien, Deutschland und Belgien gespielt und getanzt und war als Moderaotrin von Science Slams in Mexiko auf Tour. She has directed and choreographed numerous dance and performance projects nationally and internationally.

She teaches and lead workshops in the field of movements, dance acting, voice as well as speaking, articulation and all possible combination. She offers individual coaching (in Spanish, German, French, English).

Focus of training
The aim of the training is to open new possibilities for movement so far unknown to the participants, thus to find new strategies to tell a story or to develop a character.
The training includes physical and mental warm-up, strength training, exercises focused on body perception and on developing the relation of body and voice, dissociation etc., which eventually result in an open improvisation or small performances to apply the newly acquired knowledge. Individual, partner and group work alternate. The training has a high energy level.