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Digitisation project: Nonverbal theatre in the GDR

The International Theatre Institute Germany (ITI) as the project coordinator and as the institution responsible for maintaining the existence of the Pantomimentheater vom Prenzlauer Berg cooperates with the Deutsches Theater Berlin in a research and digitisation project on the development of non-verbal theatre forms in East Berlin in the 1970s to 1990s.

This development was manifested in a special way in the work of two ensembles - the Pantomime-Ensemble of the Deutsches Theater and the Pantomimentheater vom Prenzlauer Berg. The works of the two ensembles achieved an impact that influenced the art scene in East Berlin and the GDR, but was also perceived internationally, particularly in their critical discussion of the artistic and social realities of the time.

The aim of a project sponsored by the Digitization Program of the State of Berlin is therefore to jointly index, digitize and make accessible the holdings of the Pantomimentheater vom Prenzlauer Berg and the Pantomime-Ensemble of the Deutsches Theater.

In particular, the focus is on the joint presentation and accessibility of the holdings in order to facilitate a historical and content-related contextualisation. The cooperation in this project takes place with well-known partners from the field of platform development for the cultural heritage of the performing arts.