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Pablo Volo

Stage director, trainer for Physical Theatre

Formed at the corporeal mime school of Ivan Baciocchi and Robert Bennet in Paris, and then at the FAI AR ( Artistic creation in public space) in Marseille

Director of the company EX VOTO in Marseille

Founder and co-director  of the European circus and street-art project Circonnection.

Europ-wide stage productions, trainings and workshops in the field of physical theatre, circus and opera.

He also offers regular classes of Physical Drama in Berlin.

Focus of training
Tradition and innovation in Physical Theatre
From Commedia dell’ Arte to Physical Theatre of the XXI. century.
Every class is focused on a theme. ( The Beast, the monster/ The Invention of the evil / man as woman / the dissonance etc..)
The themes will be presented with images from paintings or contemporary photos, and even video, just to bridge the relation between other disciplines and to have an overview to the Physical Theatre landscape.
It’s a corporeal mime based training ( Etienne Decroux technic ).
Decomposition of the movement, counterweight, gaits, classical figures of the repertoire.